Odd Future Unreleased (Volume 1)
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Odd Future Unreleased (Volume 1)
Odd Future Talk представляет первую часть ранее не изданных треков группы Odd Future - "Unreleased" (Volume 1).

01. Hodgy Beats – This Is My Life (Produced by J Hawk)
02. Jedi – Secret Garden (Produced by Tyler, The Creator)
03. Syd – Yes Ma’am (Instrumental)
04. Blak Tha Map – Dope Dealers (featuring Tyler, The Creator)
05. Krys$hun – Dream Away (Produced by Tyler, The Creator)
06. Hodgy Beats – Diggin In My Pockets (Produced by BeatBoy)
07. Mike G – The Routine (featuring MyLo X & LooFy) (Produced by Weird Eye)
08. Dana La Rock! – Electrify (featuring Three-1-Zero) (Produced by Left Brain)
09. Syd – PB&J (Instrumental)
10. J Hawk – Summa Luv (featuring Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats)
11. Skoolie ThreeHundred – Hello (Produced by Tyler, The Creator)
12. Syd – Sample (Instrumental)
13. MellowHype – Fuckery
14. Tyler, The Creator – Auto Tuned (featuring Hodgy Beats) (Produced by Syd)
15. The Super 3 – Untitled (Instrumental)
16. Hodgy Beats – Money In The Future (Produced by Beats4Clothes)

A couple of months back, a few posters decided to get together and help each other find certain OF related tracks (a few of us are responsible for the some of the discographies, so you know we know the catalog well). We ended up finding a lot of rare and hard to obtain songs, so in addition to sharing the wealth with each other, we thought that we would also share the wealth with all of you as well.

This first compilation that we are going to exclusively release on this forum doesn't contain anything super-rare (although it does contain some rarities), but we're throwing this out there to try and test the waters and to see what kind of feedback we may get from this series. The feedback will determine whether or not there will be a second installment as well as persuade us when we are assembling the track list.

We are in the possession of a few tracks that no one has ever heard of and that we haven't even named on the discographies yet (including a few Tyler, the Creator instrumentals to songs that have never been released). The instrumentals were set to be included in this first volume to really break the ice, however Tyler has said himself that he doesn't want instrumentals released as he does not want random people to spit over them (which I believe Jedi may have done on "Secret Garden" included this compilation). We'll definitely be in contact with the right people to figure out if some of those can be released (we may be allowed if they are tagged to a certain extent).

This first release is kind of rushed, and I personally couldn't do what I was suppose to do with it (my hard drive crashed and I am on my netbook without any of the programs I was going to use on this release), so I'm just going to get it out there.

We promise that Volume 2 will not only be better, but will be a more professional release as well (tracks equalized, transitions, etc). As far as the Tyler cover on this first volume, each volume will have a different member which will hopefully elicit a sort of "collect them all" mentally to each volume in our series.

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Исполнители: Odd Future, Tyler The Creator

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