Mac Lethal - Irish Goodbye
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Mac Lethal - Irish Goodbye
Mac Lethal - "Irish Goodbye".

01. Mac Lethal - The Parlour
02. Mac Lethal - Morimoto (Just Duet)
03. Mac Lethal - Aviator
04. Mac Lethal - Royals Cap (Number the Stars)
05. Mac Lethal - Black Rainbow
06. Mac Lethal - Wooooo!!!!!!!
07. Mac Lethal - Vodka Tonic With a Lime
08. Mac Lethal - Happy To Be Living
09. Mac Lethal - Quarter Life
10. Mac Lethal - No Miracle
11. Mac Lethal - Slut (Recorded at a motel in Fargo during a blizzard)
12. Mac Lethal - Old Rasputin (Every Night)
13. Mac Lethal - Jake + Olive
14. Mac Lethal - Sapporo (Bonus Track)

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What an exciting moment. It's hours away from 2012, which is destined to be my biggest year, and I am dropping an album that I have taken multiple subversive liberties and stances with the release of.

This album is for the fans only. I am welcoming all of my new fans with open arms, and also using those same arms to hug my dedicated, long-term hardcore fans. Fans. Friends. Fam. Those guys. This is for them. The fans.

I spent a few dollars on the "Jake + Olive" video, and compensated Seven for his amazing production work, but besides that-- this album is straight from the confines of my lovely home-recording set up to your speakers.

The themes of this album are: motivation, excess, lust, love, affection, working hard, and most of all, if you complain about a problem; you must resolve that problem in order to achieve happiness.

Just about every conflict on this album ends up finding its resolution on the next track, or on a track later in the album. This album is about health, maturity, stability. It's about being good to people, even if they are raw and venomous to you. It's about moving on from volatile situations, and it's about actions speaking louder than words. Which leads me to the title.

An "Irish Goodbye" is when you leave without telling your friends goodbye, as to not cause a huge disturbance or make a big deal out of you leaving. No, this is not a retirement album, no this is not me saying I am done making music. However, it is saying, that in light of all the wonderful situations that have presented themselves to me in the recent future, and in light of all the long-term goals I set for myself long ago, that you may one day look up and realize I left a long time ago. So please, savor whatever music I record and release. I would never formally announce my retirement... wouldn't wanna cause a disturbance or make a big deal out of it.

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